As Zen Fashion, we believe that good results are only possible with dedicated professional teams. Our human resources policy is structured to discover and manage inter-group skills in the most accurate way.

As Zen fashion, we provide a safe and peaceful working environment for the professionals who want to work in ready-to-wear and textile sector. We are open to every candidate who wants to take part in this sector and who wants to work in an institutional firm that is experienced and new to the sector.

Zen Fashion is open to business applications from every position. In parallel with our evolving activities, new employment areas are being created within our company. The standards we observe in recruitment applications are as follows::

  • We evaluate every application.
  •  We observe the principle of Equal Opportunity in hiring.
  • We expect the references to be accurate and verifiable.
  • We never observe religion, race, ethnicity in applications.
  • We give priority to the applications of enthusiastic candidates open to development.


We are open to all professionals who want to work in our company. For the application, please contact us at the email address below.

As Zen Fashion, we would like to see new capabilities that will contribute to the development of our country’s ready-to-wear and textile sector. To this end, we always adopt to offer internship opportunities. We are open to the candidates who wants to be an intern in our company. You can write to us at the e-mail address below.